Here’s Why Subject Matter Experts Should Join The NESS
(The Network Emergency of Specialty Services)

"1-800-THE-CLAIM is the best phone number in America to find clients,when your business depends on insurance claim proceeds and...

only The NESS has it!"


Victims can call 1-800-THE-CLAIM to find people like you who are qualified subject matter experts in their local area to help them get through the recovery process.

The most cost effective method for a Subject Matter Expert to survive and grow their business is through the combined efforts of Expert helping Experts.

Annual Membership to join The Network of Emergency and Specialty Services is $365 with and additional $47.  

Your cost of overhead for marketing is reduced and you are part of a network of combined efforts of experts helping experts.

Our message is simple. Call an expert, not an adversary to help you recover recover from accidents and disasters.

Apply for your membership in The NESS Today!

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