I am a third generation public adjuster and my father started working with the DISASTER MASTERS® back around 1980. We have always had a great respect for this service in NYC and will continue to do so.

Howard Guttman, Paul Guttman & Co., Inc.

We started out our company by having Ron Alford mentor us on the correct steps to conduct business, and the most cost efficient ways to grow. We have enjoyed working with Mr. Alford since 1988 and we know that when he provides us with a referral, that it is good as a bank deposit.

Nick Panarisis, Franchise owner

For as long as I have been in business, Ron Alford has continually provided me with quality customers. Alford’s Network of Emergency and Specialty Services, and his tutelage has been the backbone of my cleaning and restoration business. I do not know of anyone I trust more than Mr. Alford, as he is incapable of overstating what he can do. To the contrary, I am always surprised when he delivers more than I expected.

John Schaefer – C.E.O., Miracle Cleaning and Restoration Services

I attended a seminar almost 20 years ago, led by Ron Alford and Tom Millington. Alford taught me everything I needed to know to be in the disaster recovery business. Today I am very successful and personally owe my launch pad of success to Mr. Alford.

C. Parker , Suwannee River, Florida

After years of tossing good money away on advertising, I finally found out that co-operative marketing works best. The NESS provides me with a cost efficient marketing plan for non-competing insurance claim related service providers, who work together. The cost of marketing my services drops, and the success ratio goes up dramatically.

Rob Almond – Collision Repair Owner