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The NESS Memberships

The NESS is the only active outreach marketing plan for SME like you on an exclusive basis.

The NESS (The Network of Emergency & Specialty Services) is a network of EXPERTS helping other Experts, to be the BEST solution for accident and disaster victims in North America.

Until your services are sold…Nothing happens in your service business…

Example: When you market in printed directories, all of your competitors are in the same book. What you get are shoppers, who waste your time and money. Quality has never been a part of any directory services. Membership in The NESS is exclusive and very different.

To get and stay in any business, several financial issues must be met all of the time, or your ship sinks in the ocean of failed business.

All businesses must have three financial divisions to survive;

  • Fixed overhead i.e. Rent, utilities, debt service, taxes…
  • Variable overhead i.e. parts, labor, material, fuel…
  • Variable – Cost of Sales overhead.

Your investment in The NESS membership is always going to be cost efficient, in that there is nothing out there to compare to The NESS. If you are not 100% satisfied with your membership, you can ask for a refund at any time and get your unused dues refunded.

General Membership

Membership is not open to everyone. In order to qualify for NESS membership, you must adhere to ALL of the following criteria;

  • You must be in business, at the same address for 2 years.
  • You must be a member, in good standing, with an association of your peers.
  • You must be willing to guarantee your work and satisfy your clients to have realistic expectations. You must understand the insurance claim process.
  • You must not have a felony criminal history.
  • You must be willing to be put “on HOLD” until an unlikely complaint is resolved.
  • You must only accept projects that you can finish on time & on budget.
  • You must always treat our clients with respect and kindness, as accident and disaster victims deserve to recover ASAP.

If you do qualify for NESS, and are approved by management, your one time application fee of $27 and general membership of $365 will run for one year from the date of approval.

Executive Membership

Once you are a General Member, you can apply for an upgrade to Executive Membership. To do so, you will have to provide management with all of the information we need to determine your “Cost of Sales” over the past year.

  • You must determine the fees you charge based on your fixed and variable overhead, and a fair and reasonable profit margin.
  • If you can provide all of the information we need, management can then get a clear understanding of your “Cost of Sales”, and only then will we be able to work to reduce that number to be cost efficient.
  • As an Executive Member of The NESS, you are exclusive in your catchment (territory) area, and what’s more your creditability is already established as competent Subject Matter Expert, so you never have to make long winded sales pitches again
  • Executive Membership is a first come first served benefit to participate in the catchment area, via co-op marketing which is determined based on your expertise, and where your base is located.

In order for you to clearly see how cost efficient we are compared to the other way you get customers you must tell us how much each new customer cost you to get. Once we know that number then we can prove to you that our method is far superior to your marketing system.

The NESS Memberships

Initially we require an application fee of $47 above the dues of $365 for Executive Membership, in addition to the General Membership fee, that pays for our time to interview and get to know you, and what you do.

Your marketing investment in The NESS specifically depends on what you do, where you are located and how well you participate in growing within NESS.

Once we understand your services and your abilities, we will assist you to deliver rapid, reliable solutions to our customers via 1-800-The-Claim.