The NESS works like this.

As prospective Subject Matter Expert, you call our Founder Ron Alford (@ 212-724- 9225), to see if the service area you want is available.

If it is, then you provide us with the specifics of your service business and the area you can easily service within a 30 minute drive time from your base of operations. In certain cases, service areas are broader than 30 minute drive time.

To make sure you understand the true value of this unique marketing plan, we will ask that you give us your best sales pitch on why you should be a member of The Network of Emergency & Specialty Services.

When we both agree that we are a good match, you will be invited to use our membership app.

As soon as you pay your annual dues of $365.00 you can commence using 1-800-TheClaim to market your Emergency & Specialty Service. This is truly experts marketing experts.

You will get on our Members mail list and you will be kept abreast of how The NESS is progressing.

Inasmuch as we are just beginning this epic event, as a new member you will be recognized as a Charter Member of The NESS and will have certain benefits in The NESS for as long as you remain a member.

As a charter member you are empowered to seek out non competing Service providers in your Catchment area and invite them to also become a NESS member. For every two new members you sponsor your membership in The NESS will be extended for one year.