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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do restoration specialists or attorneys become affiliates of The NESS?

A. Step one is to call us for a brief phone interview.
Since 1-800-The-Claim is being rolled out nationwide, to protect our creditability and your success we ask that SME’s call us directly, to tell us about your expertise, where you are and how you are currently marketing your services to get new clients. This is an informal conversation so that we can get to know you and your capabilities. When your services fit our needs, you will be invited to apply for affiliation. Then we will present a formal agreement that is fair to both sides.

Q: Is The NESS going to be exclusive, meaning a particular SME will be allowed a geographic area such as one or more zip codes or a particular telephone area code?
A. Yes, we think that’s the best way to make this unique marketing plan work best for all concerned. And yes, wide areas will be available depending on the density of the population. EXAMPLE A zip code in Wyoming is not the same as in NYC.

Q. How do you qualify SME’s and how do assure claimants that they will get great service?
A. We expect the SME’s will be forthright in their application for affiliation from the beginning and not overstate services that they can not deliver. Our combined goal is to provide claimants with the best skills we can find. We also understand that both claimants and SME’s must employ realistic expectations in the process to avoid any complaints on either side.

Q. How does The NESS get compensated?
A. Our compensation is directly related to the services you provide, your capabilities, the scope of work that you do, and on the territory that you are able to service. Basic membership is $365 per year.

Q. How long has The NESS been in doing business?
A. The DISASTER MASTERS® created this number in 1989, in the NY Metro Area to market Emergency and Specialty services, and has been using 1-800-The-Claim continuously since.