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  • The number one benefit of The NESS is the use of 1-800-TheClaim – the first number to dial after 911 for insurance related disasters – to market your local services.
  • As a Member you will also have a full time marketing company working exclusively for you every day of the year.
  • When you are accepted as a NESS Member, you become one-of-a-kind in your catchment area.
  • As an exclusive member of The NESS you will have – No NESS competition within a 15 mile radius (or within a 30 minute drive-time) of your base of operations.
  • Filtered referrals.
  • Exclusive cooperative print advertisements that you can use locally with the 1-800-TheClaim number.
  • National public relations campaigns.
  • Careful caller screening to ensure that the caller is a qualified claimant.
  • Highly leveraged marketing via co-op efforts.
  • Help from The NESS experts to grow your business and maximize profit.
  • More efficient use of your time, energy, and dollars.
  • To know exactly what every new customer will cost.
  • The choice to quit any time for any reason and receive a pro-rated refund.

The message to the public is simply this… 1-800-TheClaim is the next number you dial after 911! Accident and disaster victims all have an instant need to locate quality Subject Matter experts, to recover and restore their property.


With 1-800-TheClaim they will easily find you. Unlike the other toll free numbers, 1-800-TheClaim works for any insurance claim issue. All SME’s depend on accident or disaster victims with insurance claim related problems to solve – they just have different skill sets. Fire – Water – Wind Restorers, Personal Injury Lawyers, Collision Repair Firms & Emergency Services Contractors, have to invest in costly ads and marketing on Google, in The Yellow pages, and with insurance agents and adjusters.

They often agree to work for discounted rates created by insurers. Public adjusters depend on recommendations or have to chase losses via various means to get clients. An even greater cause for concern: Less than 5 owners in 1,000 can demonstrate that they know exactly what it cost to get each new customer.

With The NESS, our SME’s can leverage their marketing investment by a huge margin.